Seoul is one of Asia’s most vibrant cities. This bustling metropolis has a lot to see and do, however, there are moments when we feel compelled to leave the city behind us to clear our heads and explore new possibilities. Here are eight interesting places to see in and around the South Korean capital.


Many consider Solid-State Battery Technology as a significant breakthrough for the EV industry. QuantamScape, the Battery specialist, backed by the likes of Bill Gates & Volkswagen, first revealed details about its initial findings & performance metrics of its prototype cells back in December last year.

The batter maker based out of San Jose, California, has stated that it intends to build a pilot production plant. This Pilot plant will be used to setup the foundations that will be required to scale up mass manufacturing in the future at its main plant.

According to QuantamScape, this will help in its efforts…

Khris Bharath

A Fitness Aficionado | Tech Nerd | Gear-head . I live a fairly active lifestyle and I geek out on tech & electric cars.

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